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linkMigration from 1.4 to 1.5

link⚠️ Important notes

The way snapshots are referenced in the restore and prune commands has been changed. Before they were referenced by the path. Now every backup is tagged and those tags are then referenced in the cli. This means that when running restore and forget commands old backups are not taken into account anymore.

linkConfig files

See detailed instructions below.

linkConfig Version

1linkversion: 2 # Added



4link # ...


Since 1.5 multiple sources for a location are possible. For this reason, while before hooks where executed in the folder of the source, now they are executed in the directory of the config .autorestic.yaml.

You can overwrite this behavior with the new dir option in the hook section of the config.


2link l1:

3link # ...

4link from: /foo/bar

5link hooks:

6link dir: /foo/bar

7link before: pwd

linkDocker volumes

The syntax with docker volumes has changed and needs to be adjusted.

1link# Before


3link foo:

4link from: volume:my-data

1link# After


3link foo:

4link from: my-data

5link type: volume


Autorestic changed the way backups are referenced. Before we took the paths as the identifying information. Now autorestic uses native restic tags to reference them. This means that old backups are not referenced. You can the old snapshots manually. An example can be shown below.

1link$autorestic exec -va -- tag --add ar:location:LOCATION_NAME # Only if you have only one location

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